How we pierce

We take great pride in delivering a truly personal, luxury piercing experience. Our team are highly trained & insured, and we pierce using both needles & piercing instruments, as we believe there is a place for both depending on your age and where you would like the piercing placed.

Our needle piercing is available for both cartilage & lobe piercings. We use sterile, single-use blades & cannula needles depending on the placement & the anatomy of the ear. Needles are extremely precise, and allow us to perform more complex placements like the daith & rook. Please note that cartilage piercings are only available for those aged 16 & over, and photo ID may be required.

For our lobe piercings, we also use the Studex System 75 piercing instrument, with a large range of earrings styles to choose from. Lobe piercings are available from age 6, and a parent/legal guardian must be present.

Whether it's your first piercing or your fiftieth, your health & safety is our top priority. All surfaces in our piercing studio are thoroughly disinfected between each client, with all tools & jewellery sterilised in our Enbio S class B autoclave (unless pre-sterilised). After your piercing, your piercer will explain the aftercare procedure, advise on the most appropriate aftercare solution and when to book a follow up appointment and give you an aftercare guide. The aftercare of a piercing is as important as the piercing itself - it will need lots of TLC in order to heal properly.

Please note our piercing studio is situated on the top floor of our boutique via two flights of stairs. For safety reasons, we can accommodate a maximum of 3 people in the studio at any one time.

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The Piercings

Lobe: The most popular placement for piercings, this is the softer, fleshy part of the ear. Here, we can pierce with either our Studex piercing instrument or needle. Available from age 6+

Upper lobe / Auricle: Located just above the ear lobe where the cartilage meets (placement is slightly different on each person). Needle piercing only. Age 16+

Conch: Nestled in the middle part of the inner ear & named for its shell-like shape. Inner & outer placements possible, dependning on ear anatomy. Needle piercing only. Age 16+

Helix: Located on the outer rim of the ear between the lobe & the forward helix. Needle piercing only. Age 16+

Flat Helix: The flat space between the helix and rook. Needle piercing only. Age 16+

Forward Helix: A forward facing placement where the helix connects the ear to the head. Needle piercing only. Age 16+

Rook: A verticle piercing through the ridge of the inner ear, below the flat helix & above the conch. Needle piercing only. Age 16+

Daith: Located in the inner fold of the ear, between the tragus, rook & forward helix. Needle piercing only. Age 16+

Tragus: The small piece of cartilage which sits in front of the ear canal. Needle piercing only. Age 16+

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